“Song of Myself” Video Project Reveals Walt Whitman’s Importance Today

And then I stumbled upon something amazing: Whitman, Alabama. This was the inspiration I needed to demonstrate the importance of Walt Whitman’s poetry in American culture today.

Unapologetic and Afrocentric: The Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison claims the center of the world This is a follow-up post to the original one I wrote on The Bluest Eye by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison. I concluded that post discussing the benefits of second and multiple readings of texts in order to fully and more completely grasp their messages.Continue reading “Unapologetic and Afrocentric: The Bluest Eye”

Frederick Douglass Unit Plan, Resources, and Handouts

These Douglass resources and handouts support the unit plan in my previous post Two days ago, I posted about a unit plan for The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself. In that post, you’ll find lots of information about the unit, which you can purchase by clicking here. It’s not aContinue reading “Frederick Douglass Unit Plan, Resources, and Handouts”

Frederick Douglass Unit Plan, Resources, and Handouts

10 reasons to teach Frederick Douglass plus the unit plan As I promised last week in my post about Frederick Douglass graphic essays, I’m providing a link below so you can purchase a PDF of my unit of instruction for The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Although this unit was designed for regular,Continue reading “Frederick Douglass Unit Plan, Resources, and Handouts”

Explore Frederick Douglass with graphic essays

In light of the current and rightful nationwide protests, I’ve updated and reblogged this post. I have also added a new Frederick Douglass category to my blog so posts that feature Douglass, who I believe to be our country’s most unsung hero, are easier to find. Next week, I plan to share with you myContinue reading “Explore Frederick Douglass with graphic essays”

Watch This Outsiders Movie, Not That One

The Outsiders: The Complete Novel includes a subplot that the original leaves out If you’re like me, you love The Outsiders and can’t imagine teaching middle school ELA without it. So many kids identify with the Tulsa, Oklahoma greasers and their struggles with socioeconomic class differences, personal identity, and family relationships. Here’s my advice: MakeContinue reading “Watch This Outsiders Movie, Not That One”

Teach Theme with Graphic Essays: The Old Man and the Sea

Here’s how I’ve used graphic essays and what I’ll tweak for next time. My junior English classes recently read the short story, “In Another Country” by Ernest Hemingway as a follow-up to reading “The Old Man and the Sea.” Because they had just completed a traditional written thematic analysis of the novel, I opted toContinue reading “Teach Theme with Graphic Essays: The Old Man and the Sea”

Classic Krakauer: An Escape Outdoors for Couch-Bound Students

Yesterday, I flipped through the newest book from Jon Krakauer, Classic Krakauer: Essays on Wilderness and Risk. As usual with Krakauer’s prose, I was once again transported to the far reaches of possibility. With Krakauer as my guide, I rappelled down 1,000 feet into Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico; I walked along the sulfur-scented volcanicContinue reading “Classic Krakauer: An Escape Outdoors for Couch-Bound Students”