About my blog


I began teaching at the age of 45, after completing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Missouri State University. This fall (2019) will start my ninth year teaching Language Arts in small rural schools and I love it.

I want my blog to be a place to share. I write about what works in my classroom not to convey that I know the “right” way to teach something, but merely to convey what I have tried in the past. Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed. Hopefully, by sharing the victories and the losses, we both can learn how to do our jobs better.

My primary interests within the world of English Language Arts instruction are…

  • seeing my students become published writers in both online and print media
  • finding contests that motivate and engage middle and high school students
  • providing authentic writing experiences, including Project-Based Learning
  • incorporating a study of real-world events, issues, and people into Language Arts instruction
  • handwriting, and specifically cursive writing
  • current events
  • human rights education
Please never hesitate to reach out through commenting or by using the Contact menu at the top of my homepage. I am always eager to hear from you!