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Thanks for visiting my free resources! All of these have been used with success in my middle grades and/or high school ELA classrooms. I will be posting more free resources in the coming weeks, so check back soon.

Please note: These freebies are NOT elaborately designed. I most likely created them on a weekend for use the following week (you know how it is!). However, they worked for my classroom and they just may work for yours, too. For “prettier” resources, visit my Shop Site page and my store on TpT. Those resources involved WAY more time, research, and design to create and use.

Whether it’s a free item or something you purchase, I hope you find resources that work in your classroom. Please contact me with any questions via my Contact Page. Thank you again for spending time on my website. I appreciate you!

Your Prufrockian Perspective

Read my post about this free resource here: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock | Connect to Prufrock with this easy, mindful project

The Favorite Place Poem

Read my post about this free resource here: The Favorite Place Poem | Have students create content with a poem about their favorite place

The Color Poem

Read my post about this free resource here: Encourage Distance Learners with Creative Color Poems | Tempt students to play with language and color

The Happiness Is When Poem

Read my post that utilizes this free resource here: How to Make Student Writing More Specific | It means to “name things”

More free resources will be posted in the coming weeks. Please check back soon!

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