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Marilyn Yung, Owner of ELA Brave and True
I provide memorable, effective, and easy-to-implement teaching ideas, lesson plans, and resources to help ELA 6-12 teachers stay passionate about their content.

Ask me that question and I’ll answer, “Well, of course, but… not always.”

Some days my class totally rocks. Other days, it falls flat and I wonder why I ever started teaching in the first place.

But in the midst of all that self-doubt, I don’t stop doing my job.

I just get more creative.

And in those moments of creativity, I rediscover my passion for my content and how much I love teaching English Language Arts.

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It’s fun to design lessons that 1) achieve the learning objective, 2) linger in a student’s memory, and last, but certainly NOT least, 3) grow my passion for my content. Those three things keep me excited about teaching… even at the end of a so-so day… even in the advent of Chat GPT… even when students are addicted to their phones.

After eleven years of public school teaching, I’ve learned this: that I must trust that my passion for my content ignites my students’ enthusiasm as well.

Here’s how my website can help you.

Let me be a resource for finding teaching ideas that will…

  • reignite your passion for your content
  • revive your love of teaching
  • boost your confidence
  • energize your classroom

…because when you feel passionate about your teaching, you love your job more.

And in the end, knowing your lessons are benefitting your students — and fueling your passion for your content and career — is the best way to take care of your teacher-self.

Get passionate about ELA! In my 300-plus posts, you’ll find lessons on The Great Gatsby, Beowulf, Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself, ekphrastic poetry, September 11, coffee cup lids (yes, that’s right), Articles of the Week, vocabulary, you name it …even how to teach seniors Braille.

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I’m interested in your story!

In the world of ELA, what are you passionate about? What texts and activities make you excited to go into the classroom every morning? How can I help you maintain your excitement for teaching? Yes, there are SO MANY ISSUES affecting teachers right now, but let’s do what we can to enjoy our jobs to the fullest. It’s still one of the best careers out there!

I am especially interested in your perspective on the following:

  • how you keep positive energy in the high school classroom
  • how you motivate disengaged students
  • ways to combine visual and performing arts into literacy instruction
  • meaningful discussion activities that involve all students
  • poetry lessons and activities
  • writing contests for middle school and high school students
  • American classics and diverse text pairings
  • engaging, effective, and memorable writing lessons for middle and high school students

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Discovering our shared humanity, expressing our personalities, tapping our creativities, and digging for relevance in the texts we read and write.

That’s what ELA is all about.

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