Love teaching.

Make it memorable.

Does your class create memories?

Ask me that question and I’ll answer, “Well, sometimes… but not always.”

Some days my class totally rocks. Other days, it falls flat and I wonder why I ever started teaching in the first place. But in the midst of all that self-doubt, I don’t stop doing my job. I just get more creative.

And in those moments of creativity I realize how much I love teaching.

Marilyn Yung, Owner of ELA Brave and True
I provide memorable, effective, and easy-to-implement teaching ideas, lesson plans, and resources for creative ELA 6-12 teachers.

That’s because when I get more creative, I find ways to teach memorably, to provide lessons that achieve the learning objective AND linger in a student’s memory long after they graduate. In other words, I know they won’t remember the comma worksheet, but they WILL remember the Walden Pond cabin they designed… or the day they drew their backyard to discover ideas for a memoir… or the day they made a video of their grandmother reading a favorite poem.

And, for me, designing memorable lessons is fun and satisfying, especially when I’m able to share my stories and ideas with you so you too can realize — even at the end of a so-so day — how much you love teaching.

Here’s how my website can help you.

Let me be a resource for finding memorable teaching ideas that will…

  • achieve student learning success
  • revive your love of teaching
  • boost your confidence
  • energize your classroom

…because when you feel good about your teaching, you love your job more.

After all, knowing your lessons are benefitting your students — and most of all, demonstrating a love of learning — is the best way to take care of your teacher-self.

Running low on steam, but need a Chaucer lesson?

Need a new poetry idea?

Want a fun and effective way to teach a new vocabulary word?

Look no further than my search bar at the top of this page. Enter your keyword and see what you find.

With that said, know that this site is a potpourri of sorts for all things ELA. I teach, reflect, and then post about my teaching across all five of my class preps:

English III American Literature,

English IV British Literature,

Independent Reading,


and Poetry.

In my 250-plus posts, you’ll find lessons on Beowulf, Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself, ekphrastic poetry, September 11, coffee cup lids (yes, that’s right), Articles of the Week, vocabulary, you name it …even how to teach seniors Braille.

So dare to love your job more! Bring more memory-making into your classes. It is my hope that my blog will help you do just that.

Making English class memorable is my goal as my students and I journey through ELA. I believe I can teach creatively and memorably AND prepare my students for college and career.

ELA Brave and True | Marilyn Yung

Love teaching.

Make it memorable.

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Discovering our shared humanity, expressing our personalities, tapping our creativities, and digging for relevance in the texts we read and write.

That’s what ELA is about.

I’m interested in your story!

Please contact me to share the creative and memorable ways you’re teaching ELA to middle grade and high school students. I am especially interested in the following:

  • memory-making poetry lessons and activities
  • writing contests for middle school and high school students
  • ways to combine visual and performing arts into reading and writing instruction
  • American classics and diverse text pairings
  • engaging, effective, and memorable writing lessons for middle and high school students

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Love teaching. Make it memorable. | ELA Brave and True