Back-to-school poetry: The Sometimes Poem from YA author Kate Messner

Originally posted on ELA Brave and True by Marilyn Yung:
A back-to-school poem perfect for the first day (updated 8/21) “The Sometimes Poem” was one of my favorite ways to go back to school with my middle schoolers. I used this project for two years with sixth-graders and loved it both times before I changed…

Candy Memoirs: A Sweet Assignment for 6th and 7th

Originally posted on ELA Brave and True by Marilyn Yung:
When middle schoolers use candy to write memoirs (updated 8/21) Need a sweet way to introduce memoir writing to middle schoolers? My second writing project with sixth-graders (after YA author Kate Messner’s Sometimes Poem) is memoir writing. We dip our toes into memoir writing by…

You need a “Why I Teach” binder

My ultimate self-care tip for teachers Get a three-ring binder. Any three-ring binder will work. And it doesn’t have to be new. Just dig one out from the bottom of your desk or repurpose one that’s full of handouts from that PD conference you went to last fall. Y’know, the one where they taught youContinue reading “You need a “Why I Teach” binder”

Make a “live” word cloud with this super easy app

I tried on the first day of school On the first day of school, I jumped in and tried something new: It’s an interactive presentation software website that helps you increase engagement while gathering valuable information for teaching. I used its popular word cloud presentation, but there are many other presentation styles availableContinue reading “Make a “live” word cloud with this super easy app”