True Crime Unit: Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

Planning for next year? Check out these multi-media resources If your students are into True Crime as a reading genre, or if you’re needing a “ripped from the headlines” unit to breathe new life into your upper-level high school ELA classes, do I have an idea for you! And the best thing about this ideaContinue reading “True Crime Unit: Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos”

Leaves of Grass Text Pairing

I came across this article while waiting for my dentist appointment about a month ago. I noticed its’ catchy print title and since I was in the middle of planning new lessons for an upcoming unit on Walt Whitman, I snagged it and started reading.

Into the Wild Text Pairing

Bear Meat by Primo Levi If you’re needing a text to pair with Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, may I suggest “Bear Meat”, a short story by Primo Levi, the Italian chemist, writer, Holocaust survivor. “Bear Meat” is a story about young men who take to the mountains for adventure and danger. They becomeContinue reading “Into the Wild Text Pairing”

Ukrainian Poetry: Words for War

It goes without saying that students are also aware of the invasion. I even overheard students last week discussing the draft and how it works. However, I don’t want students to worry. I want them to instead feel fully informed.
Can poetry help students in this regard?

My Top 10 Posts of 2021

I’ve compiled this post to put into one place my most-read posts of 2021. I hope you find these helpful, and I really hope you’ll skim through these titles and make sure you haven’t missed any that will help you be a more effective and confident teacher in 2022.