My “Article of the Week” rubric for middle and high school

Plus rubrics you can tweak  to fit your classroom Last February, I wrote this post about what I consider to be my most effective writing assignment: Kelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week (AOW). I still use this assignment on a weekly basis, but I’ve added narrative writing to the mix by assigning what I callContinue reading “My “Article of the Week” rubric for middle and high school”

His Google Doc will “disappear”

There’s a long list of middle school distractions to get through before Eric’s story will be finished. Don’t buy a house in Oklahoma. That was the first line of an essay resting on the screen of a laptop checked out to Eric, a seventh-grader in my middle school language arts classes. It stopped me inContinue reading “His Google Doc will “disappear””

Paperless classroom? No thanks.

I like “the little transaction.”   I don’t have a paperless classroom and it will always be this way. I like the transaction that occurs when students actually turn things in. When students turn in assignments, they walk over to the three stacked baskets (one for each grade that I teach) that stand at theContinue reading “Paperless classroom? No thanks.”