Dear Tom Cruise has never won an Academy Award.

Your fact-checkers and my students should take note; teachers like me over 50 should take heart. This post is based on a story I recently wrote and posted on When I read something that I know is false, I take notice of it. This article shows kids that not everything they read is trueContinue reading “Dear Tom Cruise has never won an Academy Award.”

Welcome to My World: Boil Order at a Middle School

Ten things that happen when the water main breaks     Over the weekend, the local water protection district issues a “boil order” and ships pallets of water bottle cases to be stacked next to the water fountains on Monday morning. In any place other than a middle school, this would be a good thing.Continue reading “Welcome to My World: Boil Order at a Middle School”

Seventh-graders publish first issue of Whippersnappers newsletter

It’s a Project-Based Learning partnership with White River Valley Historical Society The October-November 2017 issue of WRVHS Whippersnappers was published a few weeks ago! My seventh-grade students wrote all the content for the issue using online archived articles from the  White River Valley History Society Quarterly magazine as their research. They designed the content around HalloweenContinue reading “Seventh-graders publish first issue of Whippersnappers newsletter”

Thanks, Kohl’s, for selling this shirt.

Originally posted on Marilyn Yung:
Thanks, Kohl’s, for selling this shirt. ? Now that’s more like it… a shirt about kindness. ? It’s nice to see clothing like this instead of that snarky shirt I wrote about recently. In August, Kohl’s mailed a back-to-school catalog with a shirt on the cover displaying the words, “Shhhh!…

Dear English teachers who have stumbled upon Medium during your summer break,

Originally published here July 19, 2017 on in From a Teacher.     Congratulations! You found Medium. You should stick around and see what this site offers English Language Arts teachers. Wander aimlessly throughout this platform and its writers and publications. It won’t take long before you’ll unearth some very cool stories (btw, everything is called aContinue reading “Dear English teachers who have stumbled upon Medium during your summer break,”

Don’t Let Spellcheck Ruin the Writing

    “Mrs. Yung, why is this wrong?” Emily asks me during class, staring at her laptop screen. A wavy green line floats below a phrase, again interrupting the first draft of her slice-of-life essay. “We’ll figure it out later. Stay in the zone,” I respond, hoping she can quickly return to her mind’s creativeContinue reading “Don’t Let Spellcheck Ruin the Writing”

Writing Contests Deliver Student Buy-In

Originally published May 30, 2017 ©Edutopia | The George Lucas Educational Foundation   One day last February,  three of my seventh-grade students hustled into my classroom at the end of the day. “Isn’t today the deadline for the New York Times contest?” Jacob asked me. After I confirmed that it was, he asked, “Can weContinue reading “Writing Contests Deliver Student Buy-In”