The Book Bento

A creative assessment for student reading

Have you tried book bentos yet?

Book bentos are one of the more popular and creative ways to assess student reading. I tried them for the first time during the fall 2020 semester. Since then, they’ve become a preferred choice end-of-book project in my independent reading class. Book bentos are now a stand-by favorite way for students to show their reading accomplishments.

I’ve assembled a handful of my book bento articles in this post that I hope will introduce you to this new reading assessment project.

Take a peek at one or all of these posts for lots of students examples, concise directions, and tips from me based on my experiences with book bentos.

In addition, to purchase a very brief instruction slide plus an example/mentor bento I made for The Diary of Anne Frank, click here for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Use this resource to get your students creating book bentos quickly and successfully.

Book bentos are so flexible.

And lastly, one thing I do like about book bentos is their adaptability. You can easily add specific requirements (citing a text in their item descriptions, for example) to increase rigor… or not. You can simply require a handful of items with meaningful connections to the text. In the end, you can really structure the book bento assignment to your liking.

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