Thanks, Kohl’s, for selling this shirt.

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Thanks, Kohl’s, for selling this shirt. ? Now that’s more like it… a shirt about kindness. ? It’s nice to see clothing like this instead of that snarky shirt I wrote about recently. In August, Kohl’s mailed a back-to-school catalog with a shirt on the cover displaying the words, “Shhhh!…

Ten Questions for Kohl’s About This Back-to-School Shirt

Yeah, it’s just a $10 t-shirt (when you buy two of these charmers), but clothing has power.     Is this shirt supposed to be funny, Kohl’s? Because it’s really just mean.  Did you know that back-to-school should be a time of building students up, not tearing them down? “Nobody cares” has no place inContinue reading “Ten Questions for Kohl’s About This Back-to-School Shirt”