You Need a “Why I Teach” Binder

My ultimate self-care tip for teachers Get a three-ring binder. Any three-ring binder will work. And it doesn’t have to be new. Just dig one out from the bottom of your desk or repurpose one that’s full of handouts from that PD conference you went to last fall. Y’know, the one where they taught youContinue reading “You Need a “Why I Teach” Binder”

Four-day weeks are the worst… said no teacher ever

  What a four-day school week means to me Last summer, my husband and I moved to a new city. Since we had learned about our upcoming move way back in January, I began searching for a new position about a month later. The local school district in our new hometown didn’t have any positionsContinue reading “Four-day weeks are the worst… said no teacher ever”