American Lit: Frederick Douglass Narrative Unit Plan


Unit Plan for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, Written by Himself


PDF file. I created this unit plan in 2014 when I taught eighth grade. I have used the same plan for high school juniors, scaffolding as needed. It’s not a perfect unit plan, but if you need a good foundation for teaching comprehensively about one of America’s greatest statesmen, this will work well. See the slideshow of sample pages from the plan above. This 67-page unit plan plus resources and handouts includes: traditional reading comprehension questions, discussion starters, drawing/sketch activities, collaborative textual analysis, low-stakes presentations and written responses, cloze activities, vocabulary instruction, and a culminating argument essay. Also included: standards met, DOK levels, rubrics, pre- and post-assessments with key, argument essay revision group task, plus a handout that includes twenty important quotations from the text for student reference.


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