American Lit: Frederick Douglass Graphic Essay



Microsoft Word editable product. This product is a single sheet you can quickly copy off and pass out. All the instructions for students to be successful with the project are included on the single page.

Usually in my classes after we finish reading a book, students write a traditional essay on a specific topic or question from the book. However, at the conclusion of reading Douglass, my eighth graders were already writing another essay on Douglass to be included in their human rights dissertations (click here for info on that project).

So instead of writing yet another essay, I decided to provide some variety and offer an alternative… the graphic essay. Read my blog post on this project for the full experience. The graphic essay (essentially a one-pager) uses words, color, and other visual representations to make a unified statement.

The goal of the graphic essay is to help students interpret and analyze details and ideas from Douglass’ narrative. The primary purpose of the graphic essay is to help students think deeply and to make connections about one of Douglass’ themes… not to produce a fancy art product with no context.

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