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Example headline poems

Add splashy color or a drawing to complement the ideas in the poem.
One of my favorite poems created by one of my students at the start of the 2020-21 school year.
Use a photo as background. How can the background affect or change the poem? How does having a predetermined background influence the words you choose?
Students can use vintage photos to make unusual backgrounds for their headline poems.
Tear or manipulate the background paper in some way.
Manipulate the paper background to impart meaning to the found words.
Poem by Angelina C.
Poem by Abi B.
Poem by Ella D.
Poem by Seth C.
Poem by Sam F.
Poem by Keelie B.
Poem by Lily H.
Poem by Gracie B.
Find and collect photos as you find words. Build meaning around your image.

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