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White Teacher Question: Are these race and social justice books enough?

Send me your contemporary social justice book suggestions

I ordered these books for fall 2020 because I’m focusing on the power of literature to effect social change. Of course, recent events in response to the killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd make me wonder if there are more topical books I should have ordered instead of or in addition to these.

In other words, what about newer lit?

As educator Kelly Gallagher suggested, I should consider how and to what extent my ELA teaching incorporates Black Lives Matter at Schools.

All my students know I love Frederick Douglass’ powerful narrative and think he is the greatest unsung American hero, but the book was written in 1845.

In addition, according to legend, President Lincoln said that Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe started the Civil War.

But again, that was 1861.

I support the enduring power of historical literature, but what about newer lit? Leave a comment with your thoughts and book suggestions.

Thank you.

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