Poetry Lessons: Headline Poetry Toolkit



PDF file. Cover slide plus nineteen slides.

Headline poetry is SO MUCH FUN! If you need a fun, easy way to kick off your back-to-school activities for your middle school or high school ELA class, look no further! This Headline Poetry Toolkit has everything you need to get your classes off and running! Headline poetry allows students to create, work with words and meaning, PLUS do all that BTS socializing they’ve been missing!

Here’s what’s in the toolkit:

  • Headline poetry directions for projecting to whole class (3 pages; only 1 page of directions is shown in product images)
  • The same directions on a handout to pass out (1 page)
  • Optional 3D add-on step provides added challenge
  • Bold signage for your hallway or bulletin board to use when you display your students’ beautiful poems
  • Headline poetry tips to project while students work
  • Gallery labels for your culminating gallery walk
  • Six examples of colorful student-made headline poems

NOTE: Make sure you have plenty of magazines! It’s best if they serve different readerships! So make sure you have Motor Trend AND Glamour, for example. And don’t overlook junk mail and printed paper sacks! Just start collecting now and you’ll have enough! And don’t forget the glue, scissors, and 11×17 paper!

Trust me, you’ll fall in love with headline poetry! It’s a memory-making activity!


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