Great Gatsby: 10 Beautiful Sentences and Activities



I’ve designed these ten beautiful sentence posters from The Great Gatsby to use in a variety of ways. And let me tell you that it was SUPER HARD to choose the ten in this resource. There were some sentences that I wanted to include but didn’t because I already had used a quote or two from the same chapter, or I felt it was a sentence, for example, that had already been used extensively in my lessons. In addition, the last sentence (Chapter 7’s “So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight.”) may not exhibit beautiful imagery; however, its structure and rhythm add more sentence variety to the mix.
And having students use these sentences as mentors is one way to use this resource. Here are some other ways:
  • As Classroom Decor: Create a bulletin board or hang these posters around your room to surround your students with the ambience and language of Gatsby 
  • For Reading Comprehension Practice: Put each quote on a bulletin board, concealing its corresponding chapter i.d. page beneath it. Have students read the quote, identify the chapter in which it appears, and lift the quote to check their answer.
  • For Beautiful Sentence Activities: Use Fitzgerald’s beautiful language as mentor sentences. Have students write their own sentences that mirror Fitzgerald’s sentence structure, literary devices, and imagery.
I hope these posters come in handy. Every year when it’s time for our Gatsby unit, I always want to surround ourselves with Fitzgerald’s luscious prose. These posters should do the trick! If you come up with a creative way to use these, please let me know by leaving a message on my Contact page.


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