Ekphrastic Poetry Presentation with Mentor Texts


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If you need a break from essays and literary analysis but still want to build language skills, treat your students to EKPHRASTIC POETRY!
Use this colorful slide presentation to introduce this fun and CREATIVE activity. The fourteen slides in this PDF file, which I’ve used with success in my own classroom, introduce ekphrastic poetry… poetry that describes, re-interprets, or re-imagines a student’s chosen artwork.
This presentation features famous ekphrastic poem examples by: John Keats, William Carlos Williams, William Blake, plus a student-written example.
Also included:
  • I also offer a few tips in a bulleted list about halfway through the slides, and then that slide appears again at the end, so students can refer to it as they start crafting their own poems.
  • The presentation also includes a suggestion for students to use Google Arts and Culture to find quality artwork. Stress this point, so students don’t wander the Internet aimlessly searching for images!
Have fun with ekphrastic poetry! If you need an additional sheet to pass out to students that also explains the basics with another example poem (written by yours truly using a Frida Kahlo self-portrait, btw), check out my go-with resource on TpT: Ekphrastic Poetry Handout


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