Best ELA Lessons: Book Bento Instructions and Mentor



PDF file. This is a very brief 4-slide presentation that includes an example/mentor bento I made for The Diary of Anne Frank. Use this resource to get your students creating book bentos quickly and successfully as an assessment alternative to a traditional essay. Book bentos are colorful and fun and creatively assess your students’ understanding of their reading.

Slide 1 in this presentation is a cover slide that reads Book Bento Instructions and features a photo of the book bento I made for The Diary of Anne Frank. Slide 2 contains directions for making the book bento in seven steps. Slides 3 and 4 are the mentor slides and provide an example of what students will turn in. For example, slide 3 shows again the Anne Frank book bento with title information specified in the directions and slide 4 contains the explanations for each of the items contained in the book bento.

Purchase my $1 quick rubric for book bentos here.

Read from my blog to find out more about how I continue to use these fun projects in my independent reading class for both fiction and nonfiction books. Each group’s bentos just get better and better! Read these posts: Book Bentos–My First Attempt and Book Bentos–5 Tips to Make Them Better.

If you haven’t tried book bentos yet, jump in with these easy how-to directions and mentor. Enjoy!


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