American Lit: The Jungle in One Week



PowerPoint. 17 Slides. Sometimes you just don’t have time for a full unit, and that’s why I designed this mini-unit for Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. Read my blog post (How  I  Taught The Jungle in One Week) for an explanation of how I taught this book.

Here’s what to do with this resource:

  1. Show and discuss these slides to provide students with the prior knowledge they will need to read their own chapter as well as their classmates’ chapters.
  2. After students have read their chapter independently, assign each student to create a One Chapter One-Pager. A summary of the entire novel and directions for this creative culminating activity comprise the last two slides.

I have not included photos of each slide in the product images, but here is what each slide contains:

  1. Cover Slide
  2. Directions for teacher
  3. Photo and image credits
  4. Title slide for lecture use
  5. Sinclair bio slide with photo of author
  6. More about the novel with political cartoon illustration
  7. Impact of the novel with vintage magazine cover
  8. Slide with Sinclair quote and muckraker definition
  9. Slide about novel’s impact on federal meat inspection law, including the Food and Drugs Act, aka The Wiley Act of 1906
  10. Details about The Wiley Act
  11. Before The Jungle (photo with caption of inspectors unpacking a barrel of worm-infested raisins)
  12. Before The Jungle (photo of Puck magazine with cover illustration that reads, “Look before you eat…”
  13. Before The Jungle (photo of Sleepy Salts, a “quack” sleep aid that was little more than a laxative)
  14. A video link to “The Poison Squad” video from PBS/American Experience
  15. A short summary of The Jungle. Since students are only reading one chapter, they may need to know the bigger picture or gist of the novel.
  16. One Chapter One-Pager Assignment Cover Slide
  17. Directions for the One Chapter One-Pager

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