Poetry Lessons: 9/11 – The Stories the Artifacts Tell




PDF file. Cover plus three pages. Many students often reduce Sept. 11, 2001 merely to facts and dates without understanding the human loss and suffering the attacks caused. This lesson plan guides students to a greater awareness of 9/11 and the human cost it exacted on the United States by linking the terrorist attacks to a single human life.
Read my recently updated blog post, The Stories the Artifacts Tell: My 9/11 Poetry Lesson Plan for more background and details. For photos of how a colleague decorated the hallway with this project, see this post.
In this poetry project, students read survivor stories and study personal artifacts of those who perished. Students read, write summaries and poems, and present their poems to the class. This packet contains the lesson plan with detailed directions for you, a directions sheet for students that explains how to write the acrostic poem, and a sheet that contains mentors for both the one-word summary and the acrostic poem. NOTE: This project utilizes the book “102 Minutes: The Unforgettable Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers” by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn. Also, the project uses copyrighted photos of 9/11 artifacts. Links to online photos of artifacts are provided in the materials section of the lesson plan.


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