American Lit: Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Guide w/ Key



PDF File. The juniors in my American Literature classes finished the school year with a unit on James Thurber’s short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” We read the short story, discussed its themes and techniques and then we followed it with a viewing of Ben Stiller’s film of the same name from 2013 (rated PG-13; 1 hr 54 mins).

To make this an accountable activity, I created this brief seven-question guide that, while providing questions that require critical thinking, doesn’t occupy so much of their viewing time that they fail to simply enjoy this beautiful and introspective movie.

Because studying “Transcendentalism and the American Identity” is a year-long theme in my classes, this guide does contain a question that asks students to identify and explain any transcendental moments they notice during the film.

Stiller’s Mitty is one of my favorite films and I’m glad I finally created this go-with guide to help students see similarities and differences with Thurber’s classic tale.

I hope you have fun with Thurber’s classic story and Stiller’s thoughtful film!


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