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9/11 Poetry: The Stories the Artifacts Tell Lesson Plan ($3)

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9/11 Poetry: The Stories the Artifacts Tell

Students often reduce 9/11 to facts and dates without understanding the human loss and suffering the attacks caused. This lesson plan guides students to a greater awareness of 9/11 and the human cost it exacted on the United States by linking the terrorist attacks to a single human life. Students read, write summaries and poems, and present their poems to the class. This packet contains the lesson plan with detailed directions for you, a directions sheet for students, and a sheet that contains mentors for the one-word summary and the acrostic poem. NOTE: This project uses the book “102 Minutes” by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn. Also, the project uses copyrighted photos of 9/11 artifacts. Links to online photos of artifacts are provided in the materials section of the lesson plan.


Headline Poetry Toolkit for BTS! ($5.00)

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Headline Poetry Toolkit: Get ready to have an awesome BTS experience! See slideshow below to see sample pages.

If you need a fun, easy way to kick off your back-to-school activities for your middle school or high school ELA class, look no further! This Headline Poetry Toolkit has everything you need to get your classes off and running! Headline poetry allows students to create, work with words and meaning, PLUS do all that BTS socializing they’ve been missing! Here’s what’s in the toolkit: Links to learn more about headline poetry; directions for projecting to whole class (3 pages); directions on a handout to pass out (1 page); optional 3D add-on step provides added challenge; ten bold signs for your hallway or bulletin board to use when you display your students’ beautiful poems, headline poetry tips to project while students work, gallery labels for your culminating gallery walk, plus six examples of student-made headline poems! NOTE: There are identical slides of some of the signs. So even there are 24 slides in the PDF, know that some are identical. This was done so your hallway display appears cohesive. I have tried using different fonts on the signs before, but I decided a single font makes a more powerful display. Also, make sure you have plenty of magazines and it’s best if they serve different readerships! So make sure you have nature magazines AND Glamour, for example. And don’t overlook junk mail and printed paper sacks! Lastly, let me know how your headline poetry experience goes by leaving me a comment on any blog post or by using the Contact page on my website.


Ekphrastic Poetry: How to Write an Ekphrastic Poem (with mentor text) ($3.00)

Ekphrastic Poetry Handout: You will love writing ekphrastic poems with your students!

Ekphrastic poems observe and describe a student’s favorite artwork… or really any artwork they feel inspired to write about. This sheet explains the basics of how to write these poems with the funny name. (Btw, “ekphrasis” is from the Greek and means “to describe” in detail a work of art!) This sheet contains four bulleted tips for writing an ekphrastic poem, plus two mentor texts. One mentor text is actually a paragraph that illustrates the concept of kinetic language as a bonus for your more advanced students, and the other mentor is a short ekphrastic poem I wrote to describe a Frida Kahlo self-portrait. You’ll want to keep this handout near so you can treat your students often to a fun session of ekphrastic poetry! It also makes a great addition to your writer’s workshop project list! One more tip: Have your students search for quality images on Google Arts and Culture to safeguard against random internet art searches!


Veterans Day Poem Assignment ($2.00)

Veterans Day Poem: Veterans Day is November 11!

Use this handout to assign a creative, patriotism-themed poem to your middle school and high school students. There are three ideas on the back to inspire them, if necessary.


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