Index w/ Links to Posts

I’m in the process of building this index. Please bear with me as I gradually insert links for all my stories onto this page.

How to cure the “I don’t have anything to write about” blues: Students having trouble choosing a memory for a memoir? Have them make a map.

Use this movie clip to teach high schoolers how to “explode a moment”

Focus your binoculars and zoom in: I created a mini-lesson that uses a technique from Barry Lane and a handout from TpT

Slice-of-Life Writing: the anti-Instagram narrative: These short narratives celebrate the ordinary and challenge high schoolers to write creatively

The rubric rub: Do what the rubric says. And only what the rubric says. And by all means, don’t think too hard.

When anxious, depressed kids stare into space: Don’t assume they aren’t listening

A boy, a bird, and a bus station in Athens: Parenting looks the same around the world

A big fat Greek vocabulary lesson about the word “Sporades”: Gus Portakalos would be proud

I teach kids it’s okay to be rejected: Rejection proves my students are indeed writers

My top three movies for the last week of school that will let you keep your teaching integrity | Walter Mitty, Sully, The Walk

My attempt at teaching kids how to add narration into their dialogue | Here’s a mini-lesson I created a few months ago

The Graphic Essay: A fresh way to discuss theme with evidence, commentary, and a dash of symbolism

2019 Middle School Writing Conference… A Great Day!

Where I’m From Poems… My All-time Favorite Poetry Activity

My Attempt at a STEM-Themed Activity: Exploring Coffee Lids

Instantly elevate your students’ writing: teach them to write cumulative sentences

More links will be posted here.