Frederick Douglass Unit Plan, Resources, and Handouts

Photo: Wikimedia Commons | Frederick Douglass

These Douglass resources and handouts support the unit plan in my previous post

Two days ago, I posted a unit plan for The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself. In that post, you’ll find a PDF of the unit for you to purchase and then review, tweak, adjust, present or otherwise use in your ELA middle or high school classroom.

It’s not a perfect unit plan and, as I wrote earlier, each year I teach it I make changes here and there. Those changes are in response to a variety of things… the makeup of the students in my classes, schedule conflicts, and all the other little hiccups that arise during the month or so that we spend studying Douglass.

So, with that in mind, remember that my plan is a “work in progress” that you can use (or partially use — it’s up to you) to introduce your students to Frederick Douglass with a variety of reading comprehension tasks, vocabulary lessons, and collaborative activities.

I’ve made a PDF that contains the handouts and other printed materials the unit plan calls for. You can purchase these directly from me on this site using your PayPal account. As soon as your payment is received by PayPal, I will email your file within minutes.

Frederick Douglass Unit Plan with Resources and Handouts

This 67-page unit plan plus resources includes: traditional reading comprehension questions, discussion starters, drawing/sketch activities, collaborative textual analysis, low-stakes presentations, low-stakes written responses, cloze activities, vocabulary instruction, and a culminating argument essay. Also included: standards met, DOK levels, rubrics, pre- and post-assessments with key, argument essay revision group task, plus a handout that includes twenty important quotations from the text for student reference. NOTE: This is not an automatic download. I will email your unit plan in a few short moments.


Download these additional items for the unit plan at no charge:

Click here for the Color Emotion Guide Infographic

Click here for the Internet Minute Infographic

And here’s the Kevin Bales video featured in the unit plan infographic extension. Bales is Professor of Contemporary Slavery and Research Director of the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. He’s written numerous books on modern slavery, including Blood and Earth, Disposable People, and Ending Slavery.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question and I will be more than happy to help or clarify. Check back often for more posts on ELA. Here’s a quick link to my post that contains the Frederick Douglass unit plan described in greater detail.

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4 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass Unit Plan, Resources, and Handouts

  1. Thanks for sharing your resources. Please make sure to balance them with information on BIPOC achieving and contributing to society too – not just as slaves and downtrodden. I appreciate all you do!

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