Explore Frederick Douglass with graphic essays

In light of the current and rightful nationwide protests, I’ve updated and reblogged this post. I have also added a new Frederick Douglass category to my blog so posts that feature Douglass, who I believe to be our country’s most unsung hero, are easier to find. Next week, I plan to share with you my unit of instruction on the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave.

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3 thoughts on “Explore Frederick Douglass with graphic essays

  1. Frederick Douglas is such an inspiring guy, and his speeches are amazing. I didn’t discover him until college. I don’t think I heard his name once in my entire k-12 education.

    1. Yes. My own kids never learned or read about Douglass in school either. (They went to a different district than the one I taught in.) He’s awesome. Thanks for reading and for commenting!

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