Dear Teachers: The Church of Scientology is one click away from your students

Be careful: the church’s Youth for Human Rights lessons are now available online.   A lot can happen in two years. Two years ago, I wrote on about a variety of educational materials offered by Youth for Human Rights International, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based human rights advocacy group. Back then, after doing some quickContinue reading “Dear Teachers: The Church of Scientology is one click away from your students”

A Christmas Memo: Madeline, Me, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame

Originally posted on Marilyn Yung:
The classic children’s book caused me to feel and understand the tragedy of the fire when I wouldn’t have otherwise Photo: Ldorfman; Ldorfman [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( I don’t possess any personal connection to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. I’ve never even been to the City of Light.…

Four-day weeks are the worst… said no teacher ever

What a four-day school week means to me Last summer, my husband and I moved to a new city. Since we had learned about our upcoming move way back in January, I began searching for a new position about a month later. The local school district in our new hometown didn’t have any positions available.Continue reading “Four-day weeks are the worst… said no teacher ever”

My “Article of the Week” rubric for middle and high school

Plus rubrics you can tweak  to fit your classroom Last February, I wrote this post about what I consider to be my most effective writing assignment: Kelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week (AOW). I still use this assignment on a weekly basis, but I’ve added narrative writing to the mix by assigning what I callContinue reading “My “Article of the Week” rubric for middle and high school”

Student writers learn their power at Missouri State

The Write Now! High School Writing Conference at Missouri State University Shaun Tomson explains his metaphorical “I Will” statement, “I will always paddle back out.” Here are some quick photos of the high school writing conference hosted by the Missouri State Center for Writing in College, Career and Community. I took these just a fewContinue reading “Student writers learn their power at Missouri State”

Don’t give up on improving your students’ vocabulary skills

Stick with your plan; give your lessons time to work   I recently designed some daily bell-ringer activities to teach my students some new vocabulary words. To create these on-going brief lessons, I continue to use Vocab Gal’s “Power Words of the Week” from Sadlier’s ELA Blog, and “Vocabulary Words of the Day” from PrestwickContinue reading “Don’t give up on improving your students’ vocabulary skills”